Do you have an innovative idea that you want to successfully bring to market... or perhaps you and your start-up are about to take the next step towards development? But you need a partner to help you develop your idea and your company?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We support start-ups with our extensive knowledge, our network and our market reputation.


Our focus is strategic and centred on cooperation. We promote and support innovative, fledgling start-ups operating in our core markets and the markets we plan to break into in future: Whether it’s food & nutrition, personal care, circular economy or other trend markets, we are open to fresh, innovative ideas with potential for the future!


We believe that successful innovation with genuine potential to bring about change only happens if we work together, so we contribute all our know-how and our network to each partnership and help to take your start-up to the next level in the development process.

We have access to all services from our parent company, Biesterfeld AG, so we are able to offer start-ups a unique service portfolio. Our experts are also on hand with help and advice for product development and strategic issues as well as challenges relating to supply chains and logistics services.


As a subsidiary of a more than 100-year-old family-run business that started in Hamburg, we believe partnerships, respect, reliability and a burning passion for entrepreneurship play a key role, so we rely on trusting cooperation and genuine collaboration. We are stronger together!


Simple and swift, systematic yet customised – this is how we like to come into contact with you. With us, collaboration and partnership start with getting to know and trust you and exploring all conceivable options.

Whether it's through a joint workshop, a straightforward pilot project or a 100-day challenge with clear milestones, there are many conceivable and possible options. Together we will find the right way to proceed and cooperate in open and honest dialogue.

We are different

Access to resources

We have an international network of suppliers, customers and development partners. Our strategic partnerships enable us to negotiate good terms for purchases and sales as well as access to an extensive network of international experts in various market segments.

From idea to
market launch

From procurement to logistics to distribution and sales, our experts with their long-term expertise are on hand to guide fledgling start-ups. Together with our partners, we will help you to optimise processes throughout the entire supply chain and to successfully position your idea in the market.

Market recocgnition

As a new company, being “seen” in the market can often be a huge challenge. The Biesterfeld Group is a powerful and trustworthy partner with an enormous network in the international chemicals market. This reputation in our market also opens doors for our young start-up partners so they can establish their position in the market.


You bring us your idea, we’ll give you detailed feedback on the key figures in your business plan as well as a wide range of strategic issues. Our experience in implementing strategic projects will help you to identify challenges at an early stage and us to overcome them together. In so doing, you remain in the driver’s seat and we’ll come along for the ride as your sparring partner.


Dr. Henrik Harms

Managing Director

Henrik represents the interests of b.yond ventures both at the Biesterfeld Group and in the start-up ecosystem. As an expert in the strategic work in family-run businesses, he has extensive knowledge of organisational and innovation development. Through his role as Director of Corporate Strategy at Biesterfeld AG, he is also a member of executive management and can give our start-up partners the necessary visibility in the network, which consists of the entire Biesterfeld Group and their partners.

Kai Springwald

Strategy Lead

Kai offers our start-up partners guidance in identifying and implementing projects for the joint development of their products, services and business models. He is also always working on advancing b.yond ventures’ development. He contributes his knowledge of strategy, innovation and workshop design to all our start-up projects. As the Project Manager of Corporate Strategy at Biesterfeld AG, he has excellent connections and can find the right experts for your concerns.

Biesterfeld experts

Global, interdisciplinary expertise

We are part of the globally active Biesterfeld Group. Our start-up partners can therefore benefit from networks and access to markets, but above all from the in-depth interdisciplinary know-how of our 900+ colleagues. In addition to expertise in technical applications, our partners have access to our extensive knowledge of purchasing, sales and distribution, logistics and many other strategic and operational fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We help entrepreneurs and start-ups to take their ideas to the next level. We do this by offering strategic sparring and supporting our cooperation partners at all stages of the value creation chain. We work with entrepreneurs and start-ups on an equal footing, bringing our extensive know-how, our global network and our market reputation to the partnership. We combine the strengths of Biesterfeld as an established family-owned business with those of our partners in the start-up ecosystem. We don't use a one-size-fits-all approach, but tailor our support to start-ups' individual needs. So come and say "hey"

We focus first and foremost on strategic partnerships! Although financial participation is possible, this always comes at the end of the journey. First we want to establish whether there is a strategic fit and work together to get the idea off the ground. We see ourselves as a sparring partner, not actively intervening in our partners' journey, but always available, with our market experience, whenever they require assistance. -    We focus first and foremost on strategic partnerships! Although financial participation is possible, this always comes at the end of the journey. First we want to establish whether there is a strategic fit and work together to get the idea off the ground. We see ourselves as a sparring partner, not actively intervening in our partners' journey, but always available, with our market experience, whenever they require assistance. 

No, we also support entrepreneurs and start-ups with exciting ideas that aren't directly linked to the chemical industry. However, there should always be the possibility of a strategic partnership that is beneficial to both sides. For this reason, our core markets are those of the Biesterfeld Group and the chemical sector (healthcare, personal care, nutrition, circular economy and many others). We are also open to collaborations with start-ups offering solutions that can be used in a range of industries, such as providers of logistics solutions or controlling software. If in doubt, come and say "hey" and we'll discuss whether the chemistry between us is right! 

We support creative ideas and innovative solutions that we believe have the potential to take entrepreneurs and start-ups forward. With over 900 experts worldwide in the Biesterfeld Group and our effective external network, we have access to a wealth of expertise in the international chemical market. Our expertise covers not just chemistry but also other areas, from logistics, purchasing and sales to IT, HR, compliance, marketing, finance and controlling. Get in touch and we'll take a look at how we can help you in a quick and simple process. 

We combine the advantages of the Biesterfeld Group, an internationally successful group of companies that has been well established on the market for many years, with the innovative spirit of b.yond ventures. Thanks to the effective networking within the Biesterfeld Group, we have quick and simple access to the experts in our various divisions. Whether in purchasing, logistics, sales, quality management, strategy, IT, HR or controlling, our experts are there by the side of our start-up partners. We will put you in touch with the right contacts, including people outside our own business where appropriate. 

We support entrepreneurs and start-ups in all phases of further development. We are happy to discuss business plans that are not yet complete and are also open to supporting start-ups that have already gone through the initial financing stages and now want to increase their market visibility or work more cost-efficiently. We don't use a one-size-fits-all approach, but focus on the specific needs and challenges of individual start-ups! 

We help you further develop your idea, provide access to resources and our own network and, if everything is right, invest in promising ideas. In this sense, we offer the same assistance as 'typical' venture capital providers. But in addition to this, we offer personalised support, strategic sparring between equal partners, and direct, easy access to our internal and external experts – and most importantly, we are interested in more than just increasing revenue. We want to help you move to the next level and work together to turn a project into reality. If this is what you are looking for, then come and say "hey"

For start-ups, the key advantage of working with b.yond ventures and the Biesterfeld Group is improved access not only to distribution channels, customer groups and markets, but also to our colleagues' know-how and industry expertise. As a global family-owned business the Biesterfeld Group has a far-reaching market reputation, but it also has rapid decision-making ability. Our start-up partners benefit from these advantages. Straightforward, rapid, systematic yet individual, corporate start-up collaborations with b.yond ventures offer all the benefits of professionalism without loss of flexibility, because we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our aim is to make our start-up partners better! Everything we do is tailored to the specific requirements of individual start-ups and entrepreneurs. We are open to various formats, be it a workshop, a short pilot project, a 100-day challenge with clear milestones, or comprehensive strategic sparring. Get in touch with us and together we will sound out the possibilities of a potential collaboration. If your idea is suitable, we will get things moving right away. So don't hesitate to come and say "hey"

We believe in keeping things simple and quick, so if you have an idea for a collaboration with us, simply get in touch. Contact us by e-mail and say "hey"! You can also call us (+49 40 32008-638) or reach out via LinkedIn. 


If you have questions, are interested in collaborating or have specific cooperation ideas, just say “hey!”

Say “hey!“